Red Box recording software is now available

Red Box recording software is now available


picto Red Box offers products for recording, agent quality and performance enhancement, and for incident reconstruction. They are simpler, smarter
and genuinely scalable – due mainly to our unique frame-based technology.
Everything is highly manageable. You need only one server, saving cost and space. And you can use your own hardware and operating system. We can of course source specialist hardware or provide a customised turnkey solution.

Our customers

Red Box customers come in many shapes and sizes. However, we focus on organisations in the emergency services, finance, trading and banks, and contact centres.

These organisations often have very specific requirements – whether evidence disclosure, legal compliance or improved customer satisfaction. Red Box is perfectly placed to meet, and often exceed, these needs. Moreover, customers value us for our direct, non-nonsense approach as well as our highly-effective technology.

Our major customers include:

  • Cambridgeshire Constabulary
  • Discover the World
  • Notting Hill Housing
  • ODL Securities
  • Park Retail
  • Southwark Council



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