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A professional and innovative company, Scannex was established in 1978 and has built a strong reputation for quality, performance, and reliability. We export internationally and have an impressive client base.

Our solutions

To excel in the collection and management of data through the use of state of the art equipment and technology; to have guaranteed, expert help in the solution of problems

MICRO Buffer

Technical information Send free enquiry Line powered​ The MicroBuffer is line powered and requires no external power supplies. It can even get enough power from the line it is logging.​ Non-volatile storage​ High capacity, 1Mbyte, data storage with 10-year data retention without batteries.​ Sophisticated Autobauding​ Simplifies installation and will maintain

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scannex ip buffer

IP Buffer

Technical information Send free enquiry Industry Standards Uses TCP/IP, FTP, Web/HTTP, SNMP, and SMTP. Use readily available software tools. Collect from IP sources Collect TCP/IP enabled devices using telnet and login. Alternatively collect from standard RS232/V24. Ease of installation Automatic DCE/DTE pin detection, baud rate, and protocol. Greatly simplifies installation

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