PhonEX ONE is MIND CTI's leading

call accounting and internal billing solution

for enterprises.

PhonEX ONE provides tools to monitor, budget and manage voice traffic in order to achieve maximum control over telecommunication expenses.

PhonEX One

Unified invoice system

PhonEX ONE delivers one unified invoice system for all voice communication expenses: traditional telephony, IP telephony systems, mobile, fax and data content.

The flexible installation architecture of PhonEX ONE allows it to attend the needs of both small and large enterprises, supporting an unlimited number of extensions and sites.

PhonEX One

Key Features

Web-based solution

providing full functionality through a web browser.

Scalable system architecture

supporting an unlimited number of sites and extensions.

Multilingual and multicurrency

the perfect solution for multinational organizations.

Supports IP, traditional and hybrid

telephony networks.

Supports Microsoft SQL database

and is enhanced by the advanced ASP.NET technology.

Web-based solutionEvent log

for tracking system behavior.

Displaying online information

about the CDR mediation process.


 ability to view reports on descending hierarchy levels, with just a click of the mouse.

Enhanced security

user or group-based limitation of access to the capabilities and functionality of the system.

Access control and system violations logs

together with complex password algorithms and SSL (secured socket layer) encryption provide a complete protection from unauthorized users.

Technology & Features

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