Gadgets for Cisco Finesse

2Ring GADGETS for Cisco Finesse is

a vital extension for all Cisco Finesse deployments

Offered in two bundles – STANDARD and ENHANCED, the gadgets are a solution of great value especially if you are looking to integrate Cisco Contact Center with multiple information systems, improve collaboration among agents, and connect remote experts and back office workers to agents and thus to customers with the goal of improving customer satisfaction, comfort and first call resolution.

The solution is available to all contact centers using Cisco Finesse for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express v10+ and Enterprise (UCCE) v9+ (including Packaged UCCE).


Decreased spending

on custom development efforts via deployment of this true essential power pack that significantly extends the capabilities of what can be done in Cisco Finesse without reaching out to developers.

Creating a truly unified workspace

for agents as well as for supervisors by integrating Cisco Contact Center with CRM (e.g. Salesforce), helpdesk, and other types of web-based solutions that can run in iFrames. Don’t let your agents juggle multiple application windows anymore.

Agent Support

Agents make fewer mistakes due to easily available information displayed automatically based on call context.

Agents can ask for help from a fellow agent during a call by sending an instant message.

Time saving

Making customer interactions shorter via the use of smart action buttons that automate repetitive tasks such as database lookups, browser navigation, web service integration. Agents (Operators) have all tools (and common actions) just 1 click away.


  1. 2Ring BROWSER Gadget
    • Unlimited number of customizable and colorable tabs
    • Integration of multiple web applications in one Cisco Finesse screen
      • Salesforce and other CRM and/or ERP systems
      • Web search
      • Knowledge base systems
      • Scripts & Forms
      • Dashboard
      • ..
    • Automated navigation
      • Workflow automated opening of new tabs and navigating open tabs
      • Screen pops
  2. 2Ring infoPANEL Gadget
    • State and time in state, with thresholds and countdowns
    • Customizable buttons
      • Launch worklfow macros
      • Navigate 2Ring BROWSER
      • Manage Agent State (e.g. one click to Ready)
      • Perform data lookups
    • Customizable notification icons
    • Context sensitive notification area showing important call related info
    • Text marquee to display important alerts from supervisors
  3. 2Ring ORCHESTRATOR Gadget
    • Advanced workflow mechanism (when the builtin Cisco Worfklow mechanism is just not powerful enough)
    • Write macros to automate both simple and complex scenarios
    • Handle any Cisco Finesse events
      • Agent state changes
      • New calls, ended calls, ..
      • Login and logout
    • Coordinate 2Ring GADGETS
    • Handle custom 3rd party events from other gadgets
    • Light up notification icons in 2Ring infoPANEL
    • Reach out for data in databases, CRM systems, ERP, ..
    • Set timers
  4. 2Ring TEAM
    • Agent/Agent and Supervisor/Agent instant messaging (chat)
    • List fellow agents by
      • Teams
      • Queues
      • Call parties
      • Search criteria
    • Review realtime agent profile/state when looking for help on a call
      • Agent ID
      • Extension
      • Status
      • Time in State (incl. Reason Code)
      • Team
      • Assigned queues
    • Look up corporate contacts – subject matter experts, back office workers
      • Search in Microsoft Active Directory (AD) by Name, E-Mail, Department, Location, and Phone Number
      • See realtime availability for call or chat (CUCM / Cisco Presence Server)
      • Forward calls
      • Start IM or Email
    • Send messages to agent marquees within 2Ring infoPANEL or to 2Ring DASHBOARDS&WALLBOARDS
  5. 2Ring Compact Agent
  6. 2Ring Script&Forms (part of the enhanced bundle)
  7. 2Ring Dashboard & Wallboard (part of the enhanced bundle)
  8. 2Ring PRECISION SKILLING (part of the enhanced bundle)
    • Skilling tool for assigning precision attributes to agents quickly
    • List and compare agent skills on one screen
    • Perform multiple changes
    • Change skills directly in Cisco Finesse
    • Available for Cisco UCCE and Packaged UCCE