MoYoBi for zoomphone

Looking for very simple license modelsprice based on number of usersprice based on number of CQ's ?


Cloud based Monitoring & Call Analytics solution for zoomphone

Designed for small, medium and large companies through a secured access.

Provides dedicated statistics and detailed reports to supervise the activity on Auto Receptionists & Call Queues.

Delivers specialized reports from the Agent’s perspective to monitor their performance and asses their efficiency.

An innovative licensing portal to manage MoYoBi Cloud Licensing.

aaS Solution for Monitoring & Call Analytics for zoomphone

  1. 1
    Full zoomphone integration using call logs API
  2. 2
    Easy to configure with Few clicks & credentials
  3. 3
    Automatic synchronizing with zoom Directory using API
  4. 4
    Getting full usage & details for Users, Call Queues and Auto Receptionists
  5. 5
    Capacity to Integrate multiple zoomphone tenants in one MoYoBi system

Powered aaS complete solution

MoYoBi is able to manage from 1 to +1000 customers on one platform. Each customer can handle 10 to +100.000 users with an easy license management system that is always the last & up-to-date version. We guarantee a dedicated support access.

New Reporting Designs including Predefined Widgets

Comprehensive filtering, graphical representation of data, fully automated reports generation and e-mail delivery to the relevant people

Dedicated CQ & AR Statistics Reports

Dedicated Reports for Auto Receptionists & Call Queues.

Dynamic Dashboard including different widgets types

zoomphone Historical Dashboard
solution gives users the option to obtain statistics on auto receptionist / queue / agent performance, such as: answered or missed opportunities, caller experience and promptness
in finding a resolution for incoming requests.


Cloud Licensing