Red Box enables you to gain maximum business value from contact-centre call data through


Every contact centre has its own standards and processes, together with expectations of customer representatives and their performance. ‘Quality and performance management’, the process of evaluation, monitoring and review, is valuable in running and improving contact centre operations. You can optimise this by consolidating and automating everything in a single, easy-to-use interface with Virtual Observer.


Customised questionnaire

The system can help measure any aspect of the business. It allows forms to be customised for the specific area that needs management, from individuals and business lines, to complaints and processes.

It’s a simple matter of creating a template (a set of questions relevant to the function) to allow measurement of the key performance or functional criterion. These templates are built once. They can be edited as needs change, with topics and questions simply added, and imported into each scoring session.

Each question contains properties used to specify its characteristics, such as:


Scoring sessions

Management can conduct individual evaluations or ‘scoring sessions’ to measure and track performance. Once captured, these scoring sessions are kept for review and to compile performance metrics based on location, department, group, evaluator, event type, individual agent or other relationship.

Scoring sessions usually take place while replaying an event, based on the audio interaction, screen interaction or both; however, they may be conducted stand-alone. In either case, a scoring session is attached to an individual interaction event and assigned an ‘event type’. By specifying the event type, the user automatically imports the correct pre-built customised questionnaire.

Questions are loaded and answered in an easy-to-use template.

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Reporting Wizard

The Agent Evaluation System provides performance reports that allow the user strategically to select and sort data, based on templates, custom reports or saved reports. Once set up, reports can be set as templates for other users, run automatically and e-mailed to management at scheduled times.

Screen CaptureAutomatically record screen activity synchronised with recorded audio to recreate customer service experience
Live AgentMonitor call handler desktops and audio live
Live ChatChat with call handler live as they are talking to clients
EvaluationEffortlessly score call handler interactions using custom-designed criteria
E-learning & content deliveryAutomatically deliver targeted training materials based on evaluation outcome
Scheduled ReportingAutomatic delivery of management reports
AnalyticsPowerful custom report writer digs deep into contact centre performance trends