Evercom Successfully Passes ISO/IEC 27001:2022 Certification

Brussels, Belgium – We are pleased to announce that Evercom, that produces MoYoBI software solution, has successfully passed and been certified to be in compliance with the ISO/IEC 27001:2022 Standard. This information security management certification applies to Evercom’s production and sale of software products, and establishes that Evercom has sufficiently strong safeguards in place to protect data when conducting business with our clients, partners, and stakeholders. […]

Evercom expands Cloud offerings with Webex Calling by Cisco Integration

MoYoBi Cloud Suite platform is now fully integrated with Webex by Cisco’s cloud-based phone system Webex Calling and available on the Webex App Hub. This integration allows users of MoYoBi to seamlessly connect and collaborate using a cloud-based communication system that is both scalable and secure. Moreover, businesses can generate reports and create dashboards securely […]

Manage you MS TEAMS Auto Attendants & Call Queues with MoYoBi.

We are pleased to announce that MoYoBi has now the possibility manage your MS Teams Auto Attendants & Calls Queues. With this advanced feature and user-friendly interface, MoYoBi makes it easy to manage all or a limited number of Auto Attendants and/or Call Queues. It reduces the work of Teams administrators by giving the rights […]

MoYoBi and Sharepoint.

We are pleased to announce that MoYoBi has now the possibility to store reports on Sharepoint . A report can be saved either on a personal drive, a drive frome another user or a drive from a specific site on which the user has been given access to. Ask us for a demo at to […]

MoYoBi is now able to split call records by domain from one O365 Tenant.

We are pleased to announce that MoYoBi is now able to split call records per domain from one O365 tenant. The Tenants split functionality makes it possible to monitor only part of the O365 domains or to have a dedicated Tenant in MoYoBi per different domain. Each domain that will be split, will have his […]

MoYoBi is now fully integrated with zoomphone

We are pleased to announce that MoYoBi is now able to collect and process calls CDR’s using zoomphone dedicated API’s, providing call analytics as well as a variety of built-in reports for a quick insight into call cost and call information, enabling chargeback, traffic analysis and cost control. MoYoBi provides dedicated statistics and detailed reports […]

MoYoBi includes now powerful SLA metrics for your CQ’s and AA’s

MoYoBi includes now powerful SLA metrics Reports & Dashboards  for your CQ’s and AA’s. Using standard Teams features such as CQ & AA, MoYoBi is able to provide you with performance indicators as if you were running a Call Center. Ask us for a demo at to see how easy and fast it is to […]

RedBox compliance recording for Microsoft Teams

Red Box is one of the first to partner with Microsoft to  provide secure, resilient and scalable capture, retrieval, archiving and retention of Microsoft Teams communications. In a demanding global regulatory landscape, Red Box already captures and secures millions of calls daily across UC, telephony, turrets and mobiles, for customers operating in regulated environments such […]

GPDR Compliancy


Capture the communications that matter. Comply with regulations,avoid reputation damage and financial penalties, andimprove operational performance. Controlling and processing and maintaining records of recorded communications data is a key consideration for complying with GDPR, which came into effect on 25th May 2018. Red Box gives you a set of tools to build into your data management processes, in full support of your compliance obligations. […]

Red Box recording software is now available

Red Box offers products for recording, agent quality and performance enhancement, and for incident reconstruction. They are simpler, smarter and genuinely scalable – due mainly to our unique frame-based technology. Everything is highly manageable. You need only one server, saving cost and space. And you can use your own hardware and operating system. We can […]